Let Your Light Shine

Christian Coaching Program Bronze Tier

Includes Course Launch package
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What's Included?

1. Your Intro Course

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Course Intro

Kickstart your spiritual journey with your own inspiring video course introduction. Set the tone with a compelling narrative that draws participants into a transformative experience, anchored in faith and guided by the Word.

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Four Lessons

Dive deep into biblical truths with four meticulously crafted lessons. Each lesson is an opportunity to unpack Scripture, nurture discipleship, and empower your congregation to live out their faith with conviction and purpose.

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Feedback is a gift. Our integrated survey feature allows you to gauge the impact and resonance of your course, ensuring that you continually align with the spiritual needs of your congregation. It's an avenue for forging even stronger bonds with your community.

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Celebrate milestones in the spiritual journey. With our certificate of completion, recognize and affirm the commitment and growth of every participant. It's not just a piece of paper; it's a testament to the transformative power of God's Word in action.

2. Coach Landing Page with 1-click Payment Funnel

Cultivate your ministry's impact with our coach landing page and 1-click payment funnel. Seamlessly guide your congregation through a spiritually enriching journey, right from the moment they land on your personalized page. With the elegance of our template, you present God's message clearly, compellingly, and without distractions. And when the Spirit moves their hearts to commit, our 1-click payment system ensures an effortless, immediate connection to the transformative experience you've prepared. Your course becomes more than just knowledge; it's an invitation to Kingdom Living.
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3. Email Journey - Based on StoryBrand© Framework

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Unlock the power of transformation with our Email Journey, meticulously crafted around the StoryBrand© Customer Conversion Framework. Dive deep into the narrative of faith, where every email is a chapter, leading your congregation closer to Christ. As the biblical stories shaped generations, this Email Journey molds hearts, seamlessly guiding your flock through a path of enlightenment, commitment, and discipleship. More than just messages, they're stepping stones in the grand narrative of Kingdom Living. Harness the timeless art of storytelling to nurture, inspire, and lead.

4. Kingdom Living Social Marketing

Expand your ministry's reach with our Coaches Facebook Lookalike Audiences, uniquely integrated on Kingdom Living Social Media. By tapping into the vastness of the Kingdom community online, we identify and connect with souls that resonate with your coaching ethos. Like the Apostle Paul's mission journeys connecting diverse believers, our tailored approach unites kindred spirits in faith and purpose. Experience the divine interplay of technology and testimony, growing your congregation while staying rooted in the mission of Kingdom Living. A modern-day evangelism, tailored for Kingdom builders like you.
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5. Social Media Lead Capture (email grabber)

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Empower your Kingdom mission with our Social Media Lead Capture tool, designed to bridge the digital divide between your message and your congregation. For every post made by Kingdom Living, we infuse a potent strategy that beckons hearts to connect deeper, transforming casual scrollers into devoted followers. And when you, as a coach, share your God-inspired insights, this tool ensures that every seed you plant finds fertile ground. Beyond just likes and shares, it's about forging lasting connections. By capturing emails seamlessly, we're building a community of believers, eager to embark on this spiritual journey with you. It's not just technology; it's digital discipleship, curated for Kingdom growth.

Extensions of Your Existing Ministry Platforms

Kingdom Living's coaching packages — Bronze, Silver, and Gold — are crafted as harmonious extensions of your existing platforms and properties. With a keen focus on Integrated Strategic Marketing, we seamlessly blend across email, SMS, groups, and social media, website and apps, including your current marketing channels, ensuring that every piece of content resonates with your audience. Our vision is to enhance and amplify, not replace. This isn't just about reaching an audience; it's about touching hearts with YOUR message, YOUR brand, positioning YOU as the beacon of coaching expertise.
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Embrace a 40-day transformation that amplifies your voice, celebrates your heart, and positions your brand on the frontline of Kingdom expansion.
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