"...let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:16 NIV

Launch your Book, launch your Course, Launch your app, launch your landing page and shopping cart! Kingdom Living helps Christian Coaches create multiple streams of income enabling you to bless your clients with a transformative coaching experience.

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Are you overwhelmed when you think of the time and effort it will take you to launch a book, a course, a mobile app, and market all three?

Kingdom Living's Christian Coach "Let your Light Shine Program" has three options to meet you exactly where you are in your coaching business growth trajectory...and help you achieve your vision! 

Your Heart! Your Brand! In 40 days!

Stream line the production, launch/publishing and marketing of your book and course concepts to reach the your ideal clients across the internet and mobile devices while positioning YOU as the coaching expert.


Using our Course Content Ideas, create then upload your course to your account.


Say goodbye to editing and hello to your dedicated editing team.


Build your personal brand, attract your ideal clients, and become an authority in your space


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Integrated Strategic Marketing across all channels. Including your current website,  groups, email, SMS and social media.

  1. Your current marketing channels
  2. Amazon Kindle and Paperback publishing
  3. Course developed for the Kingdom Living Discipleship Community
  4. Social Media Feed and Groups
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Mobile App Marketing, (either yours, or if you want us to build out an app for you)

and more...


Customer satisfaction Streamlined time to market

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How the Let Your Light Shine Program Works.

Kingdom Living has developed a streamlined intake, and onboarding process with professional publishers, course creators, app developers and digital marketers to launch your True Coach, your True Voice, your True Brand.
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Tier Selection

Intake and Onboarding

Production, Development & Review

Customer journey Mapping / Messaging

Let Your Light Shine

Christian Coaching Program Tiers

Unbeatable value. Unparalleled Results!


Course Launch


Course Development and Launch Marketing

  • Course Intro + 4 Lessons + Survey + Completion Certificate
  • Coach Landing page in Kingdom Living - 1 click funnel
  • Email Journey - Based on StoryBrand TM Customer Conversion Journey
  • Kingdom Living Social Marketing based on coaches Target/ Lookalike Audiences
  • Social Media Lead Capture (email grabber)


Course + Book Basic


Everything in the Bronze Package plus:

  • Format and Publish your manuscript on Kindle and Amazon paperback
  • Interactive Book App
  • Integrated Launch based on
    Product Launch Formula 
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Course + Book Deluxe


Everything in the Silver Package plus:

  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Community App placement on Kingdom Living App
  • Digital Toolkit for book (additional revenue)
  • Video Series (5 videos), Author Interview, Reader Interviews
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